App Cloud

Run, configure and optimize your conversational applications in the cloud.

Introducing App Cloud

App Cloud is a runtime environment that’s engineered for running, configuring and optimizing conversational self-service applications across multiple platforms, including IVR, SMS, chat and intelligent virtual assistants. Easily deploy your code to App Cloud, configure it dynamically, and get business intelligence on its usage and performance.

What You Get

A robust, scalable platform for your conversational apps, with built-in business intelligence and dynamic configuration.


Robust, scalable, PCI-compliant hosting of SpeechWizard apps


Standard back-end integration options

BI Dashboard

Track basic metrics about your application out of the box

Custom Reporting

Build, run and save custom queries

Data Feed

Pull data from App Cloud into your own reporting systems

Admin Console

A business user admin console for dynamic application configuration


24x7x365 support with automated and manual proactive monitoring


Continuously monitored, patched and updated with new features.

App Cloud Features

Powerful features to deploy, integrate, track and manage your conversational applications.

Resilient platform

App Cloud is hosted on Amazon EC2 infrastructure, with dual availability zones for seamless failover should one zone fail.

On-premises option

Option to deploy a managed private instance of App Cloud on virtual servers in your data center (requires VPN access)

Telephony/IVR integration

App Cloud integrates with multiple global telcos, SMS and payment gateways, chat infrastructure and Amazon Alexa.

Contact center compatible

Works with VXML 2.1-compliant IVRs, SMS gateways (via web service / SMPP) and chat infrastructure (custom integration).

Integration options

App Cloud provides standard integration options including web services and secure FTP.

BI dashboard

Standard dashboard reports include contact volumes, repeat contacts, task attempts, task containment, transfer types.

Custom reports

Slice and dice data via multidimensional OLAP cubes. Build queries in a drag and drop interface and save for later use.

Data feed

Generate detailed Contact Data Records to store on Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift, or export via secure FTP.

Admin console

Manage configuration of distributed applications dynamically at runtime. Also supports versioning of configurations.


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