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Create, access and update your conversational application designs for IVR, SMS, chat and intelligent virtual assistants.

Access Your Design Tool Prototypes

Below you’ll find links to the Wizard of Oz prototypes you’ve already created.

Click on a link to open the Wizard of Oz prototype in your browser.

Upload your Wizard of Oz prototypes to the Design Cloud

Testing your designs has never been easier than with the Design Cloud. Follow these simple steps to connect Wavoo to the Design Cloud, export your WoZ prototype and start testing your designs.

Step 1

The first things you will need are the Bucket Name, Access Key and Access ID of your newly created Amazon Web Services S3 Bucket, which are displayed here for your convenience.

Your Bucket name
Your Access Key
Your Amazon Web Services Access ID

Step 2

To connect Wavoo to your AWS Bucket:


  1. Go to View > Preferences > AWS S3 Account.
  2. Enter your Access Id, Access Key & Bucket Name.
  3. Click Validate.


Finally in the View > Preferences window, go to the Audio Storage Preference tab and choose S3 as your File System option.

Step 3

To export your Wavoo design to S3:


  1. Highlight your VUI file in the Navigator window and click the ‘WoZ Export’ button, or go to File > Export > HTML WoZ.
  2. In the Woz Export Dialog box, choose S3 Bucket from the Location drop-down menu, and Browse for the location in your bucket to which you want to export.
  3. Select the language and persona to be used in the WoZ, a folder name and version number for easy tracking of your design iterations, and a WoZ Type from the available radio buttons.
  4. Click Finish.

Step 4

Wavoo will now deliver the URL that should be used to access your prototype. Alternatively, head back to the Design Portal (or just refresh your browser if you’re already there!) and the URL will be listed along with the folder name and WoZ ID.

Use Version Control for Collaboration

We recommend the open-source Subversion (SVN) tool to enable version control on your Wavoo design projects.
Here’s how to add a SVN repository to your project.

Step 1

The first things will need are the URL, username and password to your newly created Subversion Repository, which are displayed here for your convenience.

Your SVN Username
Your SVN Password

Step 2

The easiest way to add a SVN repository is by checking out a project from SVN. You’ll find the dialog to add a repository under SVN\Checkout Projects From SVN.

Step 3

Select “Create a new repository location”, then click “Next”.

Step 4

Enter your URL  into the box, then click “Next”.


You will be prompted for your username and password.

  1. Enter your username none into the username box
  2. Enter your password none into the password box
  3. If you don’t want to be prompted for your username and password, tick “Save Password”

Click “OK” to proceed.

Step 5

The repository should now be added. To check out a project:

  1. Select a project from the list.
  2. Click “Finish” to check out the project.

If you don’t want to check out a project, click “Cancel”.

Step 6

You’re ready to use Subversion in your design projects. For more on using SVN, download Getting Started with Wavoo (PDF) and go to p36.

Build a Prototype

Testing with prototypes is key to getting your user experience right. Use the resources below to learn how to create a Wizard of Oz prototype for your IVR, SMS, chat or Alexa application.