Dev Training

A complete set of guides to help you hone your conversational application development skills.

Become a SpeechWizard Pro

Use the guides to make the most of the conversational application development functionality in SpeechWizard.

Plus: learn how to use the Admin Console to configure your conversational applications and the BI console to understand your application’s performance.


Work through the courses in order, or choose the areas you’re most interested in.

Application Configuration

See how SpeechWizard’s out-of-the-box configurations can give you a running start.

PCI Compliance & Security

Embed PCI DSS compliance and security in your applications to keep customer data safe.

Data Protection

Use SpeechWizard properties to keep data safe, whether it’s system-generated or user-inputted.

Concatenation Strategies

The concatenation strategies available in the SpeechWizard framework for implementing IVR applications.

Passing Information between Applications

This guide describes all the ways in which an application can share data with external sources.

Building Amazon Alexa Skills

This guide takes you through building skills for Alexa with SpeechWizard.

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